Barry Hillier Horse Trials

By Wodonga Pony Club
Albury 6-7 /4/2019

As always the weather was magnificent. Warm sun, cool breeze. And absolutely no chance of rain. The green dressage arenas are making us quite jealous.
So much of the state is simply dry dirt this year.

Oh well.

The competition was keen but everything ran well. What else could one expect.

On that note I would like to add that I was able to enjoy myself.
I have an adage "bad competitors make bad umpires" and the corollary is that good competitors make the whole day better for everyone.

Good sportsmanship requires that we all understand sometimes we have good luck, sometimes bad luck, but it all pans out over time.

Remember too that our hard working committees have been busy for weeks, and we need many volunteers to man the cross country judging, the food stall, and do all those myriads of jobs that simply have to get done.

I was once a boy scout. My scoutmasters have long gone now. But I remember everything that they did for me. One day it will be your turn to remember what others have done for you and to shoulder the load for the next generation. In whatever field it might be.

A bonus for this weekend was the end of daylight saving which meant that we could sleep in an extra hour in the morning.

Here are all the results from the day..

Results for 2019

"Today" interim results as shown on the web