Barry Hillier Horse Trials

Albury Feb 8/04/2018

Another wonderful couple of days. Unfortunately things don't always go our way and we had a rider hurt on the cross country. I don't know exactly how they are yet. I hope that they are OK and will be back with us soon enough.

I made a couple of mistakes. Just things that somehow I had failed to enter. We are all human and all capable of getting something wrong.

When it happens don't be afraid to ask. Sometimes it is my mistake and that is easily corrected.

Sometimes it is the riders mistake and that is unfortunate.

Sometimes a judge can make a mistake. That is a lot harder to deal with remembering that we all rely on the judges to make decisions and we are not there to see what happened. They all try very hard to be fair to everyone and to follow the rules carefully. Sometimes you will be given a benefit and sometimes it will work against you but that is sport.

So just remember a courteous query will always be welcomed but accept the outcome in good grace, no matter what it might be, and all of us will have a good day.

All the results for the day are posted in the links below for riders who are interested.

Results for 2018