Barry Hillier Horse Trials

By Wodonga Pony Club
at Albury March 21/03/2015

So different from last year. Mild sunshine, gentle breezes. What a day to be outside.

Unfortunately there were a few falls on the cross country this year which is always a bit distressing. Naturally all my best wishes go to everyone involved in these.
Hopefully there is nothing worse than a few bruises that will recover over a bit of time.

This was my first horse trials for this season and it is a pleasure to see familiar faces. Especially when some of them did well. We can't all win but we can all learn, improve, and have a great day.
I didn't have any photos of the event but just to remind you of those early mornings here is a sunrise just as I was setting off for the event

Now on the way I went for a ride to Tallangatta and looking back I am amazed "how green was my valley"
This was in the days where it actually RAINED. (whatever that stuff is )

All the results for the day are posted in the links below for riders who are interested.