Tocumwal Pony club Horse trials

Sunday 6th August 2017

At Tocumwal


I often am able to talk about the wonderful weather at the horse trials. Not so much this time. With rain overnight and occasional cold squalls this was going to be difficult no matter what. I was surprised that there were not too many scratchings.

Now I try not to focus on problems but I feel that this time I cannot simply keep silent. All small clubs rely on volunteers. Every rider was supposed to supply some assistance. Yet at 10am we had only 6 good volunteers to go out and judge the XC. So everyone was held up for an hour.
I can't feel too sorry for the 114 riders who were subsequently delayed. I know that we all like to get home before dark yet that cannot happen if we cannot get started.

Indeed it had become so impossible that we were on the point of cancelling the XC completely.

Where I do feel terribly guilty is for the six poor people out in the cold unable to get started. They deserve a better go than this. To them I apologize fully. At least I was in a relatively warm office out of the rain. Every one of us needs to help to find a way to prevent this happening or horse trials will become impossible.


Here are the results from the day.

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