(complete)Mansfield pony club results.



Saturday was decidedly cool. But horse riding is a warm sport so far better than those hot days of only a week or so ago.

However I feel for those gear checkers and others who have to sit in the "breeze" for hours doing their duty for us all. I always need to point out that the only way we have horse trials at all is if there are willing workers who put themselves out so that we all can have a great day. One day I hope that some of our competitors will become the next generation of volunteers. I did see many members at work n the canteen and other clean up jobs. So things do look good for the future.

 Once more we had a competition for closest to correct time. To encourage riders to be controlled rather than simply race. It is a great pleasure to see a deserving competitor smiling with pleasure at their success.

To all our winners well done, and to the others congratulations on being out there and participating. That, in itself, is something that many others simply could not do.

For everyone's interest here are the final results from the day.

Cross country
today's interim results as posted at the end of the day
Place getters