(complete)Mansfield pony club results.


Well no one can say Mansfield doesn't listen to its supporters. Last year at Mansfield it was dry and dusty. Even last week at Albury we had judges complain about being sunburned.

So for this year Mansfield installed a new cool water sprinkler system that watered the whole course with a refreshing mist. Those gentle zephyrs caressing the skin and lifting the spirit ensured that no one was complaining about being overheated.

Indeed I even thought I heard someone say that it was "cold". Hard to please some people isn't it.

Speaking of being pleased I was so happy. The day went well. Everything finished smoothly and on time. So we all got home at a reasonable time. Everyone I saw had a smile on their face. There was a really nice dinner on Saturday night. We had enough people so the cross country judging was not too onerous. I think that everyone concerned should feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of these trials.

 This year we had a new competition for closest to correct time. To encourage riders to be controlled rather than simply race.

To all our winners well done, and to the others congratulations on being out there and participating. That, in itself, is something that many others simply could not do.

For everyone's interest here are the final results from the day.

Cross country
today's interim results as posted at the end of the day
Place getters