(complete)Mansfield pony club results.


Once more I apologize for not being able to do the dressage scores until Sat evening. I had two horse trials that I normally score for and both happened on the same day. This is not easy to cope with.
Most unfortunate but these things do happen.

Many years ago I was a boy scout. My scoutmasters took us on two camps each year. They gave up their annual leave for us. I wish I could go back to thank them but that is a bit late now.

Yet it is a note to all competitors and their parents. Officials, judges, organizers and supporters work very hard to create the best horse trials they can.
The grass does not mow itself. Courses have to be laid out. People have to be found to perform all the jobs that make the day work. So why not take a little time to thank some of those tireless volunteers. They are the backbone of the sport and without them there could not be a sport at all.


For everyone's interest here are the final results from the day.

Cross country
today's interim results as posted at the end of the day

At the end of everything we need to determine the place getters. This isn't always simple. Sometimes a countback is required when two competitors come in with the same score.

PCAV defines a rule for countback which is quite complex and convoluted however to keep it simple, the first part is the closest to correct time on the cross country but must be undertime.
Which means that a competitor that is well below the target time would be placed lower than a competitor which is close to the target time on countback.
Place getters