HORSE TRIALS 23/6/2019

A cold but sunny winter's day. Indeed hardly a cloud in the sky. With a large field there is much more competition for places.

Naturally there are some people who are disappointed. For various reasons people get eliminated. It seems harsh at the time. But that isn't the way to look at it. If winning was easy there could be no pride in winning at all.

So there are rules and anything that is not done perfectly should be penalized. So that when you have a day where everything goes well you can get the "buzz".

Getting lost on the course, receiving verbal assistance,having multiple refusals or a fall. These are just some of the ways that people became eliminated. Then there are those who simply garnered too many penalties.

But never forget that having the opportunity to compete against other like minded riders is something that is valuable in its own right.

Also you should not forget that a very small committee has done an enormous amount of work to make the day possible. On day I hope that each of you will do your part for the next generation. That way they will get the same benefits that you have had.

For everyone's information here are the results as recorded on Sunday.

Cross country
Todays interim scores