Deniliquin pony club results.


What a great day. It was remarkable how the events kept moving smoothly all day. Given the number of people to be got through the showjump ring it was amazing how with good organization it kept close to time all day.
In fact at the end of the day I was pleasantly surprised to see that the final event was out just 1:30 after the first event so no one had to wait an unreasonable time.

There are always some people who are dissapointed. And others who have had everything go their way. That is the nature of competition.

One thing that you should all consider is that anything that is achieved too easily can have no value. You want to be proud of what you have done. Which only happens if you have had to work towards it. Have some failures and eventually achieve success.

To that end we must recognize that an eliminate is not an insult. Or a condemnation. It is simply that there is something that we failed to achieve. Something to be watched for next time in order to improve.

We all do this in our own way. Officials and others are always looking at what has worked well and what hasn't. We have all had our own failures which is our equivalent to an eliminate. The only people who haven't are those who have never done anything challenging.

So here are all the results from the day.

Xc summary
Dressage summary
Today ( summary as it appeared on the web)
Places. Everyone in order of the scores including all countbacks.