Cobram Pony club Horse trials

Sunday 17th July 2016

At Muckatah

Today went brilliantly. Not only did the rain disappear and glorious sunshine take its place but the day ran smoothly and finished early.

It is not often when we are presenting all the final results at 3 pm.

The organizers should be congratulated for their efforts on behalf of all the competitors. It is good to be able to be home either in the light or at least the early evening.

I would like to congratulate the competitors too. There are always mistakes that need to be investigated yet I never had cause to feel harassed. Even those who fell foul of various problems were polite and friendly. Ultimately that is the spirit that all sports need if they are to be successful.

Here below are all the different results sheets as they were at the end of the day after any protests/queries were attended to.

Don't forget that for any trials I am scoring I post the results on the web continually through the day every few minutes so the latest scores are always on

Results for 2016

final results
Dressage Results
Cross country results
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